Since 2005, Cell Systems 3-D, a biotechnology research and development, CRO company provides:
Expertise in the design, development and the bioengineering of  3-D in vitro cell/tissue culture organoid-like models.
Our 3-D cell culture technology provides models for successful investigations in:

  • Pathophysiology of infectious diseases
  • Soft tissue cancers and
  • Pre-clinical phase evaluations of novel therapeutics

The organoid design utilizes a variety of scaffolds and technologies to construct relevant cell/tissue-like organoids.  We have engineered 3-D models using:

  • Rotating wall vessel (RWV) bioreactors (Synthecon, Inc., Rotating Cell Culture System (RCCS™);
  • Synthetic  nanofiber disks in multi-well tissue culture plates;
  • Hydrogel systems using both multi-well tissue culture plates and tissue culture flasks.

These cell/tissue culture system technology are recognized as valid by numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications for growing 3-D tissue analogs.


Cell Systems 3-D partners with academic, governmental and industry biomedical investigators.

the Next Generation of Cell-Tissue Culture

3-D human pharyngeal mucosa model

Human buccal-pharyngeal tissue and 3-D pharyngeal mucosa model: human tissue (A, B) and 3-D mucosa tissue (C, D) stained for histoarchitectural evaluation (H&E, A, C) and presence of the developmental protein, e-cadherin (B,D) x 100.

3D MultiCell of Human Dermis

Transmission Electron Micrograph of a 3-D multi-cell type of normal Human Dermis engineered on a synthetic fiber scaffold. 25000x.